Well Resurfacing Laser

Well Resurfacing Laser is a gentle and safe resurfacing laser, perfect for treating ageing and sun damaged skins. It reduces wrinkles, uneven texture and UV damage, to reveal healthy and glowing skin.

During the procedure, the top layer of skin is treated with pulses of light and the deeper layers heated to produce collagen stimulation.

Prior to Well Laser we numb your skin with local anaesthetic cream to reduce the sensation of treatment, which feels like a series of brief hot pinches.

After 3 or 4 days of ‘social downtime’ during which your face looks and feels slightly sunburned, a layer peels off revealing new healthy skin.

Well laser treatments improve skin texture, soften wrinkles, reduce brown spots and fade pigmentation, revealing fresh, bright, healthier skin.

One treatment gives results but some people require two treatments spaced one month apart to achieve the best result.

Well Fusion (resurfacing & fractional laser combined)

Combining the resurfacing Well laser with the Well Fractional works deeper into damaged tissue to stimulate the body’s natural process of creating new collagen, plumping the skin from below to improve wrinkles, scars and other imperfections. After only 1 treatment skin should be smoother, clearer and brighter.

Treatment occurs in two stages, lasting one hour in total. Firstly Well Fractional exposes a fraction of your skin to the laser in a pattern of tiny dots, treating your skin deeply. Secondly the Well Resurfacing laser treats the superficial skin layers.

Patients describe the treatment as a series of hot pinches; we use cool air and a local anaesthetic cream to alleviate most discomfort. Following the procedure the skin looks sunburned and may be slightly swollen but there is little or no post treatment discomfort.

There is ‘social downtime’ of five to seven days after Well Fractional during which time skin is bathed and ointment is frequently applied.

Make-up can be worn after five days. Improvements can be seen two weeks after treatment but maximum results are visible in one to three months.

This unique laser combination gives dramatic results in one treatment with only one week of recovery time. It is best for treating wrinkles, brown spots, sun damage, skin laxity and acne scars when a good result with the least number of treatments is desirable