Well Lipo Fat Reduction

Well Lipo Fat Reduction is one of the latest, non-surgical Fat Reduction technologies. Using state of the art, high frequency ultrasound waves, undesirable fat cells are destroyed in a procedure lasting between 30 to 60 minutes. Nothing is more frustrating than that last inch that cannot be shed, especially around the waistline. With minimal downtime after the procedure you can return to your normal daily activities.

How does Well Lipo Fat Reduction work?

A specially designed treatment head is placed on your chosen treatment area. This treatment head delivers high intensity focused ultrasound energy below the skin in order to target the desired area of subcutaneous (below the skin) fat. Fat beneath the surface is destroyed due to an effect called thermal coagulation caused by the high intensity ultrasound. The energy delivered by the treatment head heats up the layer of fat below the skin causing the fat cells to be destroyed without harming the layer of skin above. The treated fat tissue gets removed through the body’s natural elimination process.

The treated fat cells break down and release triglycerides (free fat droplets). These triglycerides get removed by macrophages (a type of white blood cell from the body’s immune system). The macrophages are attracted to the treated adipose (fat) tissue and digest the free fat droplets and other cellular debris. The destroyed cells are naturally processed by the body and are slowly excreted from the body.

What results will I see and when will I see them?

Immediately after your treatment you may experience some minor discomfort, redness and swelling, this should subside within a few hours following the treatment. Your body will naturally process the destroyed fat cells and remove them from your body. In doing so, your treated area will become naturally slimmer.

Results differ from patients to patients. Top-up or maintenance treatments can be done in the future to give you an extra bit of Fat Reduction but additional treatments are not recommended for at least 6 months after the initial treatment.